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COMMERICAL WINDOW DOOR DEADLATCH PORTE VITRER brisé Having issue with your commercial door latch is broken, issue could arrise from handicap door opener and electric strike issue which are not working handicap door opener keep on pushing door to open it broke your latch, first thing to check if your intercom is sending signal to […]
NEW LOCK INSTALLATION COMMERCIAL FULL WINDOW DOORS Today security is very important when it comes to your properties especially when you have commercial door with full window, our locksmith company could install fresh lock installation for your commercial door locks in Montreal. See how professional we can do your lock just like it come from […]
Commercial Locksmith Services •Need to replace the locks at your office? •Do you have industrial strength Security Requests? •Evicting tenants and need to change out your locks ASAP? •Are your locks not working correctly?  514-836-9097 LOCK & KEY SERVICES FOR YOUR BUSINESS Montreal Locksmith we have the top of the line Professionals providing full service […]
Eviction Locksmith in Montreal It’s the hope of every real estate investor that their tenants will responsibly pay their rent every month. Unfortunately, sometimes landlords must resort to evicting unpaying renters when they’ve failed to fulfill their end of the agreement. In every city, including Montreal, there are court proceedings and legal obligations that must […]
Commercial Locksmith Services 514-836-9097 Commercial   Shay locksmith Specialists provide a wide range of locksmith and security services for our industrial, commercial, large-business and small-business clients. With over 10 years of experience and our extensive product knowledge and installation expertise, we can efficiently and effectively handle any of your business security requirements. Service is our […]