Month: April 2019

Welding service for your door lock. You just bought a new lock and the bad news is that the lock doesn’t feet in too short, Don’t worry call us we can do same day welding for your lock tailpiece lock plug, we can extend it to which ever length you need. call us today for […]
Adams Rite 8410 Narrow Stile Mortise Exit Device Adams Rite 8410 Narrow Stile Mortise Exit Device –  Clear Anodized Faceplate Adams rite is north America #1 lock manufacturing producing top quality products but sometimes if the products are not well maintained problems may occur, the most famous issue is latch not retracting, a good example […]
MONTREAL TRAILER KING PIN OPENING LOST KEYS OUVERTURE DE SERRURE KING PIN REMORQUE CLES PERDUE Bad day start when you loose your trailer king pin there is 2 kind of king pins, Standard key which is easier to open and market value is approx  $50-$100 and the most expensive is $200-$300 king pin usually using […]