Month: April 2018

BREAKING and ENTERING, BREAK-INS, VOL-PAR-EFFRACTION  Bad day start when you have break-ins inside your home or if you live in building into your locker room or even roof building door, we’ve got you cover, don’t worry about the damage we can cover most damage doors without issue. It will look good and even stronger then […]
Petterboro locks 1940’s Serrures petterboro 1940’s Do you still have your old door 2 1/4 thick door from 1940’s and your old lock could be peterboro lock (P) using 1034 ilco ley blank? Do your old lock petterboro start making you some issues and you like to keep it by fixing it?  You come to […]
Door Hinge Repair in Montreal Emergency Service Door Hinge Repair – Is your door driving you nuts with the grinding noise all the time? Give us a call and we will can come help you right away! Contact us your Door Repair Montreal  (514) 836-9097 Door hinges we repair: Noisy grinding door Your door keeps closing […]
BALDWIN LOCK MONTREAL REPAIR CENTER  CENTRE DE REPARATION SERRURES BALDWIN   Have you had issue with your baldwin lock your exterieur thumbpiece doesn’t work? Your mortise is it hard to operate? Does your ballknob handle keep coming off? Or any other issues? we’re there to fix it right. Call us 514-836-9097    
MONTREAL DEFECTIVE DOOR CLOSER FERME PORTE ENDOMMAGÉ    Have you notice lately some oil leaking on your door closet, or on floor? Does your door slam hard? Did you try to adjust your door closer while it was in still moving? your door closer maybe damaged if oil start to appear and it required to […]